Tips on Designing Your Fax Blast

Posted on September 04, 2014 by

Outline your Goal

Fax marketing is ideal when it’s restricted one page. Develop a concept with this in mind. What else could you sell, push or promote on one page? Also, consider what kind of action you would like your clients to consider.

Outline benefits

Keep in mind that with marketing, you’re permitting your clients to select whether they would like to conduct business with you or not. Do you know the benefits, bonuses or incentive for clients to opt-directly into your fax advertising campaign? Can they receive exclusive deals or perhaps be the first one to learn about breaking industry new product? Whatever your benefits are, make sure that you promote them.

Design carefully

Hooray! You possess an entire 8 ½ x 11” piece of paper to create your heart out. Well, it isn't that simple. Regrettably, as with every other marketing medium, you have to remember what you’re dealing with. With faxes, there is a wide expanse of space to do with what you should. But, the problem would be to restrain your urge to fill every inch. A great fax marketing design practice would be to lay off the graphics and pictures. Keep the message neat and simple.


A typical practice for just about any fax marketing strategy is testing. What testing does is make sure that your fax blast gets delivered smoothly. Without testing, you’ll encounter an entire slew of problems, most of which include, poor transmission quality and customer reception. If you have a fax marketing customer list, then send test faxes to them before delivering your actual promotion. If you are not too lucky, then consider fax needed internally using one of buddies. You’ll have the ability to observe how dynamic and consistent your fax really is.

Send the Fax!

Place the order! Relax and picture fax machines and copiers whistling around the globe.