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It is now more convenient than ever to complete a fax blast campaign to Montreal. We manage all of the specifics for you. We have the list of fax numbers available. All you need to do is complete the order form and send us (or we can create one for you) your fax ad. That is all, your done!

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Why Fax Broadcasting?

Fax blasting is often a way to get solid, physical marketing and advertising communication into the fingers of your target audience at a cost of roughly 96% less than mailing material through the post.

Fax broadcasting is really an extremely effective marketing strategy, particularly for small businesses proprietors on a budget that want to have a significant impact fast. While other people are focusing their campaigns on email marketing, you can actually deliver a hardcopy directly into the hands of your target buyer. In contrast to email, a person is sure to see it and not simply immediately throw it away.


About Montreal, QC, Canada

Montreal is as romantically traditional as it is cutting-edge innovative, as cosmopolitan dynamic as it is small-town friendly. Regardless of this variety, an underlying homogeneity exists in this vibrant population who jointly and with confidence "live and let live"-- and do it well.

After investing a long time right here, you'll discover that without the complex mix of flavours-- ethnicity, culture, language, concepts, food, you call it-- warm friendship and sheer joie de vivre, anywhere else just appears dull.

When it pertains to inviting global stars or catapulting local up-and-coming talent onto the world stage, Montreal's door is wide open! The city's calendar overflows with incredible entertainment extending all disciplines in both French and English all year long. From dance to music to theatre to opera to movie, not just are all kinds represented, however they all display the city's trademark imagination, energy and enthusiasm. Exactly what's even more, performing arts festivals of all categories are held throughout the year, much to the delight of regional customers!

Montreal Fax Details

50,000 Montreal fax Numbers in our database!



Fax to ALL Montreal fax numbers: $1,000

Fax to 25,000 Montreal fax numbers: $600

Fax to 10,000 Montreal fax numbers: $300



*Prices based on a one page fax