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It is now a lot easier than ever to complete a fax advertisement campaign to Ottawa. We handle all of the specifics for you. We have the list of fax numbers in place. All you need to do is submit the order form and send us (or we can create one for you) your fax ad. That is all, your done!

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Why Fax Broadcasting?

Fax advertising is a method of getting solid, physical marketing and advertising promotions into the hands of your target market at a cost of around 96% cheaper than shipping material through the post.

Fax advertising could be an extremely powerful advertising device, especially for small business within a strict budget that need to create a large impact fast. While most people are focusing their attempts on email marketing, you're able to deliver a hardcopy directly into the fingers of your target clients. Not like email, someone will certainly view it and not simply throw it away.


About Ottawa, ON, Canada

Ottawa is Canada's 4th biggest city with over 900,000 residents. The size of the Ottawa area is 2,796 square kilometres (1,800 square miles), with over 90 % of its area being in a nation setting. While it is big enough to support the finest amenities, such as world-class entertainment places and shopping districts, Ottawa maintains the heat and appeal of an enchanting European city.

The city's academic foundations-- from its strong public school system to universities, colleges and R&D centres of quality-- add to Ottawa having actually the greatest educated workforce in Canada. A bright workforce is a key foundation for a wise city and company success.

Ottawa is a "Bright City". As a G8 capital city, Ottawa is Canada's display city to the world. The city is graced with a civic design that puts high top priority on green areas, parklands and tracks, making Ottawa a bright and gorgeous landscape for all to take pleasure in.


Ottawa Fax Details

20,000 Ottawa fax Numbers in our database!



Fax to ALL Ottawa fax numbers: $525

Fax to 10,000 Ottawa fax numbers: $300



*Prices based on a one page fax