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It is now simpler than ever to perform a fax broadcast to Vancouver. We manage all of the specifics for you. We have the list of fax numbers available. All you need to do is submit the order form and send us (or we can develop one for you) your fax ad. That is all, your done!

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Why Fax Broadcasting?

Fax marketing can be a way of getting solid, physical messages in the fingers of your target audience at a cost of roughly 96% less than posting information through the mail. Fax broadcasting is an very efficient advertising device, especially for many small business owners on a tight budget that require to produce a significant impact fast.

While other people are concentrating on their campaigns on email marketing, you can actually deliver a hardcopy directly into the fingers of your target customer. Contrary to email, somebody is certain to look at it and not just quickly toss it away.


About Vancouver, BC Canada

Vancouver invites visitors of all abilities to enjoy our stunning city. The City is dedicated to producing an available community by getting rid of obstacles that may keep you, or someone you appreciate, from totally taking pleasure in Vancouver. Available streets benefit everyone. Curb ramps and bus ramps make getting around the city easy, particularly for those pushing strollers and utilizing wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and walking sticks.

With its scenic views, mild environment, and friendly people, Vancouver is known all over the world as one of the very best locations to live and is a popular vacationer destination. Vancouver is also among the most ethnically and linguistically varied cities in Canada with 52 % of the population speaking a mother tongue besides English. Vancouver has actually been host to many global conferences and occasions, consisting of the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2010 Winter Paralympics.



Vancouver Fax Details

65,000 Vancouver fax Numbers in our database!



Fax to ALL Vancouver fax numbers: $1,200

Fax to 50,000 Vancouver fax numbers: $1,000

Fax to 25,000 Vancouver fax numbers: $600

Fax to 10,000 Vancouver fax numbers: $300



*Prices based on a one page fax