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It is now much easier than ever to complete a fax blast to Phoenix. We manage all of the specifics for you. We have the list of fax numbers in place. All you need to do is submit the order form and send us (or we can develop one for you) your fax ad. That is all, your done!

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Why Fax Broadcasting?

Fax blasting is often a method of getting real, physical advertising promotions in to the fingers of your market at a cost of about 96% cheaper than shipping material through the post. Fax blasting is surely an valuable advertising tool, especially for local companies on a budget who need to generate a significant impact easily. While most people are centering their attempts on email marketing, you'll be able to deliver a hardcopy straight into the fingers of your target customer. In contrast to email, somebody will definitely view it and not just instantly throw it away.


About Phoenix

America's sixth-largest city still has genuine cowboys and rugged mountains and the sort of cactus many people see just in animations. Phoenix is the entrance to the Grand Canyon, and its history is a testimony to the spirit of puebloans, ranchers, miners and visionaries.
Forecasted versus this rich background is a panorama of metropolitan elegance: Resorts and medical spas that drop jaws and relieve souls. Arenas and fields worthwhile of the world's most significant sports spectacles. Dining establishments with inspired food and motivating patio area views. Greens that beckon gamers the all year. Shopping mall as trendy and diverse as the fashions they house.

While you're in town, you can navigate with the brand-new METRO Light Rail which runs from central Phoenix, with downtown, Tempe (and right along the ASU school), to Mesa in the east. See the METRO Light Rail map. Stations are nearby and run right by a few of the location's leading tourist attractions, like the Heard Museum, Phoenix Art Museum, the Arizona Science Center, Chase Field, United States Airways Center, Sun Devil Stadium and much more.

Phoenix Fax Details

24,000 Phoenix fax Numbers in our database!



Fax to ALL Phoenix fax numbers: $600

Fax to 10,000 Phoenix fax numbers: $300



*Prices based on a one page fax